Year: 2020

Where to find the Instruments in Fallout 76 – Map

Are you looking to find the instruments that are throughout the wasteland? Well if you visit this link or click the image above you’llhave access to the map that shows all the instruments in Fallout 76. With the instruments map you’ll be able to find all of the instruments listed […]

How to Change the Bot Name in Mixer – Scottybot

If you’re on Mixer and you’re greeted with a bot that is named similar to the person you’re viewing then they’ve probably changed the name of their bot. If you’re looking to do the same thing and you use Scottybot then check out the video above. Or you can check […]

How to Set up a Welcome and Follow Message with Scottybot

The video above is a pretty well done guide on how to set up a welcome and follow message with ScottyBot. The instractions give in the the short video really do work whereas it’s the same video I used to set up my own custom messages. In addition to the […]

Where are all the Locations for Locked Toolboxes – Map

If you click the map image above it will provide you an easy to use Map of All Locked Toolboxes. The toolboxes contain various items from plans to scrap and ammo. You can also click this link to see the map too. While searching you just might find the plan […]

Where are the Stealth Boy Locations – Map

Are you trying to find the Stealth Boy in Fallout 76? How about the various Hallucigen Canisters? Well here are two convenient maps to check out they have them marked on a map with the locations to find them at. Stealth Boy Locations – Map Stealth Boy & Hallucigen Canisters […]

What are the Best Shotgun Perks / Build

If you’re looking for the best shotgun build in Fallout 76 then you might want to consider checking out these suggested videos provided. Each video you’ll be able to take something from each. Whether it’s you see that they use the same perks over & over or the fact that […]

Where are the Strangler Bloom Locations – Map

Are you looking for locations of the Strangler Bloom mutated flowers in Fallout 76? The map above shows you the exact location to where to find them… they’re growing along the river behind Dyer Chemical. If I recall correctly they are used to create the “RADSHIELDS” which you can create […]

How long is the Mixer Ember Payout Wait Period?

Are you wonder when the Payout Period is for Mixer Embers? Well, according to the Mixer website here is the answer you’re probably looking for: Mixer will pay you for activity for a given calendar month within 60 days of the close of that month, as per the terms of […]