Month: March 2020

Where to find Alcohol in Fallout 76 – Map

The alcoholic beverage map above provides locations for the following: Wine Rum Vodka Whiskey Bourbon Beer Mountain Honey Moonshine Cranberry Moonshine These alcohols are great to have when it comes to making other alcohol recipes. In addition to that they can sell well in your vending machines or at a […]

Where can I find Royal Jelly in Fallout 76? – Map

Are you tired of looking for people selling Royal Jelly at their CAMP’s? Well how about you search for some out in the wasteland? The map above provides 3 locations you can find Royal Jelly aside from randomly finding it on a Honeybeast if you’re lucky. The Royal Jelly is […]

Where to find the Ingredients for S’Mores in Fallout 76 – Map

So you need to make s’more in Fallout 76. If I recall correctly it might be for the possum badges or the tadpole badges, either way the map above will provide you the locations of the following ingredients: Bone Chine Razorgrain Spices Sugar SnapTail In-order to make the s’mores you’ll […]

Where to find Phantom Device Ingredients Fallout 76 – Map

If you’re looking for the ingredients for the “Phantom Device” then the map above will help you locate where to find them. In-order to make a phantom device you’ll need; a Stealthboy & a hallucigen canister. if you click the map above and zoom into some of the locations you’ll […]

Where are the Random Traps located in Fallout 76 – Map

Would you like to see the various traps that are set up throughout the wasteland of Fallout 76. The image above links over to a map with all of the traps in Fallout 76. You can visit these locations and see how the traps are set up and used in […]

How do I update my Mixer channel description?

Well here is the perfect answer! In order for you to update your channel description, you must use a computer. There are two ways to update your channel description: Directly from your channel ( – Scroll down and click “EDIT” in the top right of the “About” section. Via the […]

Where are the Flux Locations in Fallout 76 – Map

Looking for Flux locations throughout the Fallout 76 Appalachia map? Then simply click the image above to see the locations for the following flux; Cobalt Flux Violet Flux Yellowcake Flux Crimson Flux Fluorescent Flux The various Nuked Flora found throughout the wasteland can be used for several crafting items, ammo […]

Where to find all of the Random Encounters in Fallout 76 – Map

Have you come across random events or random encounters in Fallout 76? Well you’re not alone… There are quite a few spots spread throughout the Appalachia map that consist of the following events; assault, assault-whitesprings, object, scene and travel related encounters. This map shows all of the random encounters simple […]