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Where to find/farm Plastic in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for locations to farm / find plastic in Fallout 76? Here are some items to consider when looking for plastic scrap: Accordion – 2 Plastic Anti Freeze Bottle – 2 Plastic Antique Globe – 2 Plastic Autopsy Board Game – 1 Plastic Baby Rattle – 1 Plastic […]

What is the Max Carry Weight in Fallout 76?

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When it comes to carry weight in Fallout 76 sometimes you’ll want to move your perk cards around to set them for the max carry weight. Here are some descriptions and perk cards to consider to benefit the maximum carry weight you can achieve. Several perk cards assist in lightening […]

Where to Nuke to find/spawn the Wendigo Colossus – Map

So you want to battle a Wendigo Colossus? Well if you click the map above you’ll see where you or your friends have to nuke to get the Wendigo Colossus to spawn on the map. If you haven’t seen a Wendigo Colossus then click here to see what they look […]

Where to find Disease Cure / Healing Salve in Fallout 76 – Map

So you’re looking to find the ingredients to make healing salve and disease cures? There are a few maps that show the locations of where to find healing salve, disease cures and the ingredients to make them. Disease Cure / Healing Salve map in the Savage Divide Disease Cure / […]