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Fallout: The Board Game California Expansion

Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos. Which is great news! Where there`s chaos, there`s loot! The New […]

Fallout Fusion Flea Vehicles – Diecast Model

Looking to add a nice Fallout collectible to your collection of Fallout toys? This Fallout Diecast Model 1/18 Fusion Flea Vehicle shown above has metallic paint finish colour-matched to the in-game Flea. Here are a few details to the diecast model: Chromium plated: Light cowls, luggage rack and other detail […]

Where to find/farm Acid in Fallout 76

Do you need to farm mass amounts of acid or are you just looking to grab some sow when you need it? Either way the items and locations mentioned below will help you on your acid journey. In addition to all the items shown you can find an acid resource […]

Where to find/farm Leather in Fallout 76

Do you need to farm leather in Fallout 76? Then how about checking out these items to scrap for raw leather scrap and you can find them at the locations provided at the bottom. Some of the items can be found in the same vicinity as some of the items […]

Where to find/farm Glass in Fallout 76

If you’re looking to farm glass in Fallout 76 then you’ll want to consider searching for the items listed below. These items contain glass as well as other components that might be easy to bulk up and sell to a vendor or in your own vending machines. Some of my […]

Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand – Xbox One

(click image for details) The above image is a Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox One charging stand that is ergonomically engineered to allow One hand navigation through your Xbox One dashboard while the Controller is on the charging stand. Each Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox One charging stand includes a […]

Where to find/farm Wood in Fallout 76

Before you even start collecting wood consider turning on the “Woodchucker Perk” to collect twice as much when harvesting wood. If you’re looking for wood to farm then you can check out this wood location map or you can consider these locations below. Accordion Acoustic guitar Atomic Roller ball Autopsy […]

Where to find/farm Plastic in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for locations to farm / find plastic in Fallout 76? Here are some items to consider when looking for plastic scrap: Accordion – 2 Plastic Anti Freeze Bottle – 2 Plastic Antique Globe – 2 Plastic Autopsy Board Game – 1 Plastic Baby Rattle – 1 Plastic […]