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How to the Change User Icons in Fallout 76

The tutorial above shows you how to change the user icon in Fallout 76. The user icon is what the others see when you roam the wasteland. You can usually earn them through the scoreboard challenges or you can purchase them through the Atomic Shop. Bethesda should add more of […]

How to place a Fallout 1st survival tent in Fallout 76

The video above shows you how to set up and place your survival tent in Fallout 76. Here’s a video on how to place a “free” survival tent. There are a few survival tent skins that you can implement onto your survival tent to spice it up a bit. These […]

How do I place down a CAMP in Fallout 76

The video above shows you how to set up a CAMP as a new player in Fallout 76. There are some easy locations throughout the map that are flat and easy to set-up. Each spot you decide to place your CAMP should benefit you or your visitors in someway (resources, […]

How to Improve the Graphics on your Xbox One

The video above provides the perfect settings to improve the graphics on your Xbox One. The settings will increase the outcome of your games by improving the details and vivid colors of the menus. Here are a few videos to check out for more graphics settings to consider on your […]

How to add Twitch Stream overlays on any Console

The video above shows you how to implement Twitch stream overlays on any console. This is great to let you know if anyone follows or praises you on Twitch. Here are a few Twitch items to consider if you stream to Twitch and would like to have them displayed in […]

How to Make your Internet Speed Faster on your Xbox

So you’re looking to increase the internet speed on your Xbox? Then check out the video tutorial above for some tips on how to make your internet speed faster on your Xbox. Below are a few routers to consider if the settings above don’t work out for you: TP-Link WiFi […]

How to Increase the Headset Volume on Xbox One Headsets

The video above provides a prefect tutorial on how to increase the headset volume on your Xbox One headset. This settings are the fastest & easiest way to increase the headset volume. Here are a few gaming headsets to consider if you’re looking for a new Xbox One headset: Steel […]

How to Craft Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76 – Legendary Crafting Guide

So if you’re looking to craft legendary weapons, legendary armor, or legendary power armor you might want to watch the Legendary Crafting Guide video shown above. In order to use the Legendary Crafting system you’ll need the following items to start making legendary weapons, legendary armor, or legendary power armor: […]

Locations where to find/farm Holiday Scorched in Fallout 76

If you’re looking to hunt down some of the Holiday Scorched in Fallout 76 then you’ll want to hit these locations to find them. It’s best to run through the area once then jump servers to see if they’ll respawn in the same areas. Wavy Willard’s Water Park Tyler County […]