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Where are the Forest Treasure Map Locations – 10 maps

Forest Treasure Map

If you’re trying to complete some challenges to earn Atoms in Fallout 76 then you’re probably wondering where the treasure map locations are for the Forest. Well after do a few Google searches I’ve found a site that has the following Forest Treasure Map locations: Forest Treasure Map #1 – […]

Fallout – The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook

Fallout Cookbook

Looking to craft your own glass of Nuka-Cola, make some actual Baked Bloatfly or how about some Ragstag Stew? Well if you have a game night at your house whether it’s board games or video games these recipes are perfect for the Fallout fans you know. Based on the irradiated […]

Where to Find the Nuka Cola Power Armor

nuka cola paint

The video above get right to the point showing the location of the Nuka Cola power armor and how to get it for yourself. I have yet to do this treasure hut yet whereas I’m still searching for the right plans and mods to allow my suit of armor to […]

Where are the Power Armor Locations in Fallout 76?

The Fallout 76 map shown above provides you all the different locations where to find the Power Armor frames and pieces throughout the Appalachia. Some of the Power Armor locations include: Morgantown Train Station, Morgantown Warehouse, Aaronholdt Homestead, Moundsville Penitentiary, Seneca Gang Camp, Pleasant Valley Cabins and Watoga. Sometimes the […]

Where is Vault 94 in Fallout 76?

Vault 94

This Fallout 76 map shows you all the location of Vault 94 located in the Appalachia. Click here or the image above to view a larger size of the map. According to Bethesda: “Explorers who manage to come out on top after tackling the trials of Vault 94 will be […]