Category: Fallout 76

Where to find/farm Fertilizer in Fallout 76

Do you need to find fertilizer in Fallout 76? Well then check out the scraping components below as well as the locations for finding raw fertilizer. Bag of dogwood fertilizer Bag of fertilizer Bulk fertilizer Radioactive pumpkin seeds (rewarded for completing the daily quest Trick or Treat) Straw pillow Spoiled […]

Where to find/farm Crystal in Fallout 76

Are you looking for various items to scrap for crystal or how about different locations to farm crystal? The items shown below are perfect to obtain crystal components. There is also a list of locations to hit up for crystal scrap components: Broken camera Broken ProSnap camera Crystal liquor decanter […]

Where to find/farm Copper in Fallout 76

Do you need to search for copper in Fallout 76? Well then here is a list of items that contain copper when the items are scrapped. Acetone canister Beaker stand Bird decoration Blue table lamp Bone cutter Brass miner’s lamp Broken lamp Broken light bulb Bunsen burner Chinese ornamental vase […]

Where to find/farm Circuitry in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for items that contain circuitry to scrap and either repair or craft items in Fallout 76. The following are various locations, scrap items and videos to help you find / farm circuitry. Here are a few items to scrap for circuitry: Assaultron circuit board Circuits Detonator Enhanced […]

Where to find/farm Ceramic in Fallout 76?

So you’re roaming the wasteland and you need ceramic scrap for crafting items in Fallout 76? Here is a large list of items you can scrap that contain ceramic: Ashtray Black bowl Blue garden gnome Bowl Broken garden gnome Ceramic bowl Ceramic scrap Chinese ornamental vase Clean bowl Clean coffee […]

Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzles

The Fallout jigsaw puzzles shown are depicting a pre-war scene from the popular Fallout video game series, this high quality, display-grade jigsaw puzzle. There are a few Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzles that can be found on Amazon: Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzle Fallout Please Stand By – […]

Fallout Vinyl Clock 12″, Unique Original Decor

Looking for more man cave decor? How about a unique Fallout clock like the one in the photo above? This is a pretty cool gift for any occasion – Christmas, birthday, wedding, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Halloween, mother’s Day, New Year, father’s Day, and so on. The Fallout vinyl clock […]