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Where to find Cooking Seasonings in Fallout 76 – Map

The map above provides the locations for the following cooking seasonings that you’ll probably need in some of the recipes throughout the wasteland. The seasonings used to cook with consist of; sugar, salt, pepper, spices and something called “flavor any“. While you’re out searching for these spices / seasonings you […]

Where are the Ore Vein Locations in Fallout 76 – Map

So you’re looking for a particular spot to mine / harvest ore veins? Well look no further! If you click the map above it will show you all the locations for the following ore veins: Copper ore vein Iron ore vein Lead ore vein Silver ore vein Aluminum ore vein […]

Where to find Caps Stashes, Bobbleheads and Magazines – Map

The map above provides the locations for caps stashes, bobbleheads and magazines. Luckily some of them are close to each other so if you find one you’ll find another. These items are great to sell in your vending machines. A good note to go by is to not to sell […]

Fallout 76 Phone / Controller Holder

Looking for a Fallout VAULT Boy Gift? How about a phone / controller holder that can hold PlayStation, Xbox game Controllers and Smart Phones. This “Officially Licensed” gift stands 8” tall and coming with a 2m cable for charging your device. Get yours over at Amazon for around $24.99 and […]

Where to find Common Chems in Fallout 76 – Map

Looking to make some easy caps collecting common chems that are found throughout the wasteland? The map above provides the locations for the following common chems; Stimpak Prewar Chems Psycho Buffout Mentats RadX Radaway I say that you can make easy caps because you can either sell the chems at […]