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Where can I Find a Chainsaw Location in Fallout 76?

So are you looking for the locations of a chainsaw in Fallout 76? The provided locations below are a great place to start your search for one or many if you’re looking to collect them. Since “The Pitt” update it looks like there can be legendary versions of the chainsaws. […]

Where to find/farm Springs in Fallout 76

The springs in Fallout 76 are used as a crafting component. If you’re looking to find or farm springs then consider checking out these spring scrap junk items, locations and videos provided below. A bunch of the items are similar to the items that are in the gears scrap items. […]

Where to find/farm Gears in Fallout 76

The gears in Fallout 76 is used as a crafting component. If you’re looking to find or farm gears then consider these checking out these gear junk items, locations and videos provided below. Items that contain gears scrap or crafting materials: Adjustable wrench Bone cutter Bulk gears Broken camera Broken […]

List of all the Jumpsuits in Fallout 76

Looking to collect some of the rarest apparel in Fallout 76? Then consider searching for the jumpsuits. The complete list of Fallout 76 jumpsuits are shown below with the locations / tasks on how to get them: BOS Jumpsuit – Complete Savage Divide events Forest Camo Jumpsuit – View Post […]

Where to find/farm Orange Mentats in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for some Orange Mentats, did you know that Orange Mentats provide an increase to Perception for eight minutes (which can be increased to 24 with the Chemist perk card). in addition your V.A.T.S. accuracy is increased by 10% to all regions. The Orange Mentats recipe can be […]

Where to find/farm Grape Mentats in Fallout 76

Did you know that if you consume some grape mentats it will temporarily lower the prices on items sold by vendors by 10%, increases prices of items sold to vendors by 10%, and they raise your Charisma by 5. Be warned though they also have a 10% chance of addiction […]

Where to find the Forest Camo Jumpsuit in Fallout 76

If you’re looking to obtain the Forest Camo Jumpsuit then you’ll need to grind all of the forest events. Lucky for you the list below shows which events you’ll have to grind. Be cautious that there is an estimated 0.03% chance to get this rare outfit from the events below. […]

Where to find/farm Fertilizer in Fallout 76

Do you need to find fertilizer in Fallout 76? Well then check out the scraping components below as well as the locations for finding raw fertilizer. Bag of dogwood fertilizer Bag of fertilizer Bulk fertilizer Radioactive pumpkin seeds (rewarded for completing the daily quest Trick or Treat) Straw pillow Spoiled […]

Where to find/farm Copper in Fallout 76

Do you need to search for copper in Fallout 76? Well then here is a list of items that contain copper when the items are scrapped. Acetone canister Beaker stand Bird decoration Blue table lamp Bone cutter Brass miner’s lamp Broken lamp Broken light bulb Bunsen burner Chinese ornamental vase […]