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Where to find/farm Asbestos in Fallout 76

Looking to farm locations and items for some asbestos in Fallout 76? These items below are what you’ll want to look for to scrap in order to get raw asbestos. Biometric scanner Catch the Commie board game Chalk Cigarette carton Coffee pot Extinguisher Luxobrew coffee pot Oven mitt Pack of […]

Where to find/farm Concrete in Fallout 76

Looking to improve your house or are you just looking for some extra concrete to have in your stash box? Well these items and locations below with help you farm concrete in Fallout 76. Bag of cement Blue garden gnome Broken garden gnome Concrete scrap Red garden gnome Here are […]

Fallout Nuka-Cola Caps set of 50 caps

(click item for details) The above item is the Fallout Nuka Cola Caps contains the same caps you know and love but provides players with a revised and updated sticker sheet to enhance gameplay for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniatures Game. This is a set of 50 distressed Nuka-Cola bottle […]

Where to find/farm Adhesive in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for places in Fallout 76 that you can find or farm adhesive or items that contain adhesive. Here is a list of items that contain adhesive when you scrap them. Anglers Digested goo Duct tape Economy wonderglue Excess adhesive Floating flamer Floating freezer Floating gnasher Handmade glue […]

Where to find/farm Acid in Fallout 76

Do you need to farm mass amounts of acid or are you just looking to grab some sow when you need it? Either way the items and locations mentioned below will help you on your acid journey. In addition to all the items shown you can find an acid resource […]

Where to find/farm Leather in Fallout 76

Do you need to farm leather in Fallout 76? Then how about checking out these items to scrap for raw leather scrap and you can find them at the locations provided at the bottom. Some of the items can be found in the same vicinity as some of the items […]

Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand – Xbox One

(click image for details) The above image is a Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox One charging stand that is ergonomically engineered to allow One hand navigation through your Xbox One dashboard while the Controller is on the charging stand. Each Vault Boy Limited Edition Xbox One charging stand includes a […]

Where to find Teddy Bears in Fallout 76 – Map

The map above shows you where you can easily find the teddy bears that are throughout the wasteland in Fallout 76. There are 12 teddy bears to chose from, here are the names of them; Comrade Chubs Teddy Fear Bumblebear Stuffed grizzly Quantum Bear Bubblegum Bear Radbear Lil’ginger Snuggles Pristine […]