How long is the Mixer Ember Payout Wait Period?

Mixer Embers

Are you wonder when the Payout Period is for Mixer Embers? Well, according to the Mixer website here is the answer you’re probably looking for:

Mixer will pay you for activity for a given calendar month within 60 days of the close of that month, as per the terms of the Mixer Content Monetization Terms and Conditions document you agreed to.

In addition, you must have at least $50 (USD) owed to receive a payment.

Lets walk through an example:

  • In September you earned $30. You are NOT yet eligible for a payment yet as this is under the $50 minimum.
  • In October you earned $40. As you are now owed $70, above the minimum threshold, you are now eligible for a payment. You become eligible for payment at the end of the month, in this case October 31st. Mixer will pay you within 2 months of the close of that month, in this case December 31st.

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