How to Gain Followers on Mixer


So you’re looking to gain followers, friends, views or regular watchers on your Mixer channel? Well, here are some of the tips that I’ve personally used to gain a a nice amount of followers. First thing I would do when you start out is to Join a Team an Active one at that.

When you join an “active” team you’ll gain some advantages as a team member because, active teams tend to help each other out with follows, auto hosts and views. Some teams often have contests and missions to help each other out.

Here are some teams that you should consider joining:

Some of the teams allow you to join automatically with a simple command such as !join or !team. You might want to read the descriptions to get a better understanding to what the team has to offer.

Aside from joining a team the next thing you’ll want to do to gain followers, friends, views or regular watchers on your Mixer channel would be to become more active with the people who are playing the same game as you. For example drop some sparks on their page or embers if you have them this will allow them to visit your channel for a view or possible follow.

Here are some videos to consider that were create to show how other people have generated followers on Mixer:

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