How to get more space on Xbox One Hard Drive

Hard Drive
So you’re trying to get more space on your hard drive to add more games or you need another massive update from a game. Well the best bet to get more space on your hard dive is to delete old games you don’t play anymore or buy an external hard drive (which is the best bet).

The external hard drive shown above is a 5TB hard drive. The hard drive shown above comes with a free 2-month membership of Xbox game pass ultimate, giving you access to over 100+ game titles and Xbox live gold. It has a portable form factor that provides fast access to your gaming library, anywhere you go. High-performance HDD in speeds up to 130MB/s to optimize your console or PC gaming experience and drive your game.

The best thing about the external hard drive is that they are compatible and affordable at only $139.99 for the 5TB and $109.99 for the 3TB version. Head on over to Amazon and get yours today!

Brand Name: Western Digital
Series: P10 Game Drive for Xbox
Item model number: WDBA5G0030BBK-WESN

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