How to get rid of Extra Embers on Mixer

Did you know there is a pretty cool trick in spending the spare embers you have when you purchase embers on Mixer? So for example if you were to buy the a “Backpack of Embers” for $9.99 you’d get 740 embers. Well when you go to provide your favorite streamer or friend you’ll only have the option to give them 50 embers at a time.

Until now… In the Mixer chat section you can type the following commands to provide a quick increment of 10, 20, 30, 40.

  • /ember x1 provides 10 Embers
  • /ember x2 provides 20 Embers
  • /ember x3 provides 30 Embers
  • /ember x4 provides 40 Embers

Here is how the chat sections show look like in-order for the command to work.
ember spot

This information was provided by @steinekin on Twitter.

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