How to use 10 Embers on Mixer

Mixer Embers

So you have 10, 20, 30 or 40 extra Embers you’re trying to get rid of over on Mixer. Well below is a command that will allow you to get rid of the extra Embers you have.

  • /ember x1 provides 10 Embers
  • /ember x2 provides 20 Embers
  • /ember x3 provides 30 Embers
  • /ember x4 provides 40 Embers

Here is how the chat sections show look like in-order for the Ember command to work.
ember spot

Now from what I understand is that the Ember Commands may only work on Partnered Mixer profiles. Such as some of the following;

Or any of your favorites that you tend to follow.

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