Where to find/farm Ultracite in Fallout 76


Looking for items that contain Ultracite to scrap? There are various locations to check out to find Ultracite.

  • Hardened mass
  • Scorchbeast bones
  • Scorchbeast hide
  • Scorchbeast wing fragment
  • Ultracite scrap
  • Ultracite ore

Here are locations to consider checking to find ultracite:

  • Inside Glassed Cavern (55 ultracite vein)
  • Scorchbeasts (1 scorchbeast wing fragment, 1 scorchbeast bones, 1 scorchbeast hide)
  • Scorched within any nuked region (1–3 hardened mass)

Here are some videos to check out that will help you find/farm ultracite in Fallout 76

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