Where to find/farm Crystal in Fallout 76

Are you looking for various items to scrap for crystal or how about different locations to farm crystal? The items shown below are perfect to obtain crystal components. There is also a list of locations to hit up for crystal scrap components:

  • Broken camera
  • Broken ProSnap camera
  • Crystal liquor decanter
  • Crystal shards
  • Floater freezer pus sac
  • High Int rock
  • High-powered microscope
  • Magnifying glass
  • Microscope
  • Crystal Ore – various mines

Crystal Scrap Locations

  • Clancy Manor – Crystal liquor decanter
  • Hemlock Holes Maintenance – crystal mine
  • Billings Homestead – crystal mine
  • Lakeside Cabins – crystal mine
  • Thunder Mountain Power Plant Yard – crystal mine
  • Berkeley Spring West – crystal mine
  • Beckley Mine – crystal mine
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