Where to find the Instruments in Fallout 76 – Map

Fallout Guitars

Are you looking to find the instruments that are throughout the wasteland? Well if you visit this link or click the image above you’llhave access to the map that shows all the instruments in Fallout 76. With the instruments map you’ll be able to find all of the instruments listed below.

  • banjo
  • violin
  • violin bow
  • steel guitar
  • flute
  • harmonica
  • acoustic guitar
  • snare drum
  • accordion
  • trumpet

The instruments are a great source of caps if you plan on selling them in you vending machines. I tend to sell them for around 75 caps each whereas it’s all profit considering that I went out and searched for them. I’ve seen some people have the instruments at their camps for around 200 caps but, I don’t know how often they sell at that price.

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