Where to find/farm Fertilizer in Fallout 76

Do you need to find fertilizer in Fallout 76? Well then check out the scraping components below as well as the locations for finding raw fertilizer.

  • Bag of dogwood fertilizer
  • Bag of fertilizer
  • Bulk fertilizer
  • Radioactive pumpkin seeds (rewarded for completing the daily quest Trick or Treat)
  • Straw pillow
  • Spoiled vegetables
  • Spoiled fruit
  • Spoiled meat
  • Phosphate deposits (mining)

Raw Fertilizer Locations

  • Chicken Coop – (C.A.M.P. object)
  • Berkeley Springs West – (Phosphate deposit)
  • Billings homestead – (Phosphate deposit)
  • Tyler County Dirt Track – (Phosphate deposit)
  • Sunshine Meadows industrial farm – (Phosphate deposit)
  • Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center – (Phosphate deposit)