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Sole Survivor – Fallout Figurine Collection Fallout 76

Looking for an incredible Fallout 76 collectible? Enter the wasteland with this 1:16 scale figurine collection inspired by the iconic Fallout video game series, cast in resin and painted by hand. Head on over to Amazon and grab a Sole Survivor for an affordable price compared to other Fallout Collectibles! […]

Fallout 76 Community Calendar – Season 16

The Fallout 76 Seasons is getting an upgrade, and Rip Daring is taking on the Devil in Season 16! Fallout 76 is updating from a scoreboard to a Seasons Pass system – featuring pages and tickets, allowing you more flexibility in claiming rewards. You’ll continue to earn S.C.O.R.E. and rank […]

Where to Watch the Fallout TV Series?

So you’re looking to watch the latest Fallout TV series? Well currently the only place to watch it is over on Amazon! You can follow the TV series over on Twitter @falloutonprime Here are the name of the Fallout series episodes: S1 E1: The End – Okey dokey… S1 E2: […]

How to Combine/Merge Items with the Chessboard in Fallout 76?

Are you looking for tips to merge junk items with the chessboard item? Have you often wondered how people can display random items in their CAMP as if they were part of their CAMP? Below is a nice collection of tutorials on how to merge items at your CAMP in […]

List of Atlantic City Plans / Rewards in Fallout 76

With the latest update in Fallout 76… Atlantic City offers a variety of new plans you can collect through completing expeditions or purchasing them from Giuseppe with stamps. Here’s a list of all the Atlantic City plans: New Plans at Guiseppe to trade with Stamps Plan: Atlantic City Card Tables […]

List of the Fallout 76 Mothman Equinox Plans for 2024

So you’re looking for the lastest plans for the 2024 Mothman Equinox Event in Fallout 76? Well the list below shows what you’ll probably get if you participate in the event: Plan: Chainsaw Skeptkill Paint Plan: Cultist Adept Hood Plan: Cultist Adept Robes Plan: Cultist Enlightened Hood Plan: Cultist Enlightened […]

Where to Find/Farm Robots in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, you can find different robots in various locations throughout the wasteland. Here are some common locations where you can find robots: RobCo Research Center: This location is found in the Forest region, and it’s a good place to find different types of robots, including Protectrons and Mr. […]

List of the Latest Fasnacht Masks in Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s Fasnacht is a seasonal event celebrating the burning of Old Man Winter and welcoming Spring. It takes place in the town of Helvetia and involves three key elements: Festive Robots: Cheerful Protectrons dressed in colorful outfits lead the celebration. Each year, they add new masks to their collection, […]

List of the Latest Holiday Scorched Plans for 2023 – Fallout 76

The Holiday Scorched are just arriving in Appalachia, bringing a whole sleigh full of new plans to unwrap! Here’s a rundown of the latest Holiday Scorched Plans to your festive crafting repertoire: New Plastiform Camp Decoration Plans: Plan: Plastiform Candle: A cheery candle to illuminate your holiday hearth. Plan: Plastiform […]

What is the Fallout 76 Atlantic City Mysterious Keypad Pass Code?

The Fallout 76 Atlantic City manager’s office mysterious keypad code is 68492. As seen in the video above once you’ve entered the correct mysterious key code, the screen turn green and removes you from the keypad BUT, nothing seems to happen. If you enter the wrong pass code for the […]