Where are the Savage Divide Treasure Locations – 10 maps

If you’re trying to complete some challenges to earn Atoms in Fallout 76 then you’re probably wondering where the treasure map locations are for the Savage Divide. Well after do a few Google searches I’ve found a site that has the following Savage Divide Map locations:

Savage Divide Map #1 – West of Federal Disposal Field HZ-21.
Savage Divide Map #2 – Just north of New Appalachian Central Trainyard.
Savage Divide Map #3 – North of Top of the World, just near the ski hill sign with three directions.
Savage Divide Map #4 – Solomon’s Pond.
Savage Divide Map #5 – East of Blackwater Mine, directly under the billboard.
Savage Divide Map #6 – North of Palace of Winding Paths, a bit down from the cliff top.
Savage Divide Map #7 – It is one of many ledges looking towards the towers in the area.
Savage Divide Map #8 – NW of North Cutthroat Camp, inside a picnic table area.
Savage Divide Map #9 – Right below Autumn Acre Cabin, you will need to jump down a ledge to reach it.
Savage Divide Map #10 – Right by the fissure site so be prepared for lots of Scorchbeasts in the area..

I’ve been told that you can visit the treasure map location multiple times if you have more than one Savage Divide Treasure Map.

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