Where to Find the Responder Fireman Uniform in Fallout 76

We’ve recently seen a few recent inquiries for the “Responder Fireman Uniform” so I figured why not create a post about how to get them and where to find them. So apparently the Responder Fireman Uniform and helmet can only be awarded as part of a quest or event and are not purchasable from vendors. One piece of the set has a chance to be awarded in the following locations:

There is a 0.65% chance it would be rewarded from the quests: Final Departure and Strength in Numbers.
There is a 0.033% chance it would be rewarded from the following dailies or events in the Forest:

  • Event: Back on the Beat
  • Event: Collision Course
  • Event: Feed the People
  • Event: Fertile Soil
  • Event: Fly Swatter
  • Event: Leader of the Pack
  • Event: The Path to Enlightenment
  • Event: Project Beanstalk
  • Event: Tea Time
  • Daily: Ecological Balance
  • Daily: Strange Brew

There is a 0.017% chance it would be rewarded from the following dailies or events in the Toxic Valley or for the Enclave:

  • Event: A Real Blast
  • Event: Bots on Parade
  • Event: Dogwood Die Off
  • Event: Dropped Connection
  • Event: Grafton Day
  • Event: Jail Break
  • Event: Manhunt
  • Event: Patrol Duty
  • Event: Protest March
  • Event: Swarm of Suitors
  • Daily: Big Game Hunter
  • Daily: Buried with Honor
  • Daily: Pass the Buck
  • Daily: Target Rich Environment
  • Daily: Thrill of the Grill
  • Daily: Vital Equipment

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