How to get Unlimited Holiday Gifts in Fallout 76

So you’re looking to cash in on the Scorched Holiday Gifts? Well the video above provides an amazing way to get unlimited amounts of holiday gifts. The process is simple as long as you can keep the workshops claimed… unless you go into a private world and follow the steps.

  1. When you’re at your CAMP place down the Santatron Collectron.
  2. Visit a workshop that isn’t claimed (claim the workshop).
  3. Place down the Santatron Collectron and what ever else you want; power, turrets, etc.
  4. Visit another workshop (claim the workshop).
  5. Place down another Santatron Collectron.
  6. Visit multiple workshops and claim them.
  7. Place down a Santatron Collectron at any/all claimed workshops.
  8. Carry on doing your daily challenges/quests.
  9. Then visit your CAMP and the claimed workshops to grab your free gifts from the Santatron Collectrons.

The video shows an example of how it’s done. A note to consider if you’re doing this on a public server is to lock the Santatron Collectron so no one else can get your holiday gifts.