List of the Fallout 76 Mothman Equinox Plans for 2024

Mothman Event Plans

So you’re looking for the lastest plans for the 2024 Mothman Equinox Event in Fallout 76? Well the list below shows what you’ll probably get if you participate in the event:

  • Plan: Chainsaw Skeptkill Paint
  • Plan: Cultist Adept Hood
  • Plan: Cultist Adept Robes
  • Plan: Cultist Enlightened Hood
  • Plan: Cultist Enlightened Robes
  • Plan: Cultist Eventide Hood
  • Plan: Cultist Eventide Robes
  • Plan: Cultist Incarnate Helmet
  • Plan: Cultist Neophyte Hood
  • Plan: Cultist Neophyte Robes
  • Plan: Cultist Backpack
  • Plan: Sacred Mothman Tome
  • Plan: Wise Mothman Throne
  • Plan: Dried Wildflower Bouquet
  • Plan: Enlightened Lantern
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper Blue Mothman
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper Brown Mothman
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper Green Mothman
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper Mothman Globe
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper Red Mothman
  • Plan: Mothman Bug Zapper
  • Plan: Mothman Cultist Incense
  • Plan: Mothman Equinox Souvenir Beer Stein
  • Plan: Fluttering Moths
  • Plan: Fuzzy Enlightened Plushie
  • Plan: Fuzzy Mothman Plushie

Note that some of the plans listed above become non-tradeable and the event stops dropping them once they are learned. Here are a few videos to check out about the new Mothman Equinox Event plans:

  • NEW Mothman Equinox Rewards 2024 – Video
  • The Mothman Equinox Is Live! – Fallout 76 – Video
  • The Mothman Equinox Is Coming Back To Fallout 76 – Video

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