List of Cultist High Priest / Mothman Equinox Items & Plans

Here is a list of the Mothman Equinox plans and clothing items. These items that are exclusive to the Mothman Equinox event.

  • Plan: Wise Mothman Throne
  • Plan: Cultist Backpack
  • Cultist Enlightened Robe
  • Cultist Enlightened Hood
  • Cultist Adept Clothes
  • Cultist Adept Helmet
  • Cultist Neophyte Clothes
  • Cultist Neophyte Helmet
  • Cultist Incarnate Helmet

When you acquire these item’s it’s best to keep them till after the event so you can resell them for caps to people that didn’t participate in the event. This happens all the time with events for example some of the fasnacht masks sell for around 150+ caps. Here is a link to the latest list of Mothman Equinox event plans.