How to get/make a Camera in Fallout 76?

Camera Plans

Well if you’re looking for a Camera or camera plans in Fallout 76 then you’ll have to do the following. Obtain the camera itself by following these steps:

  1. Build a Personal Terminal in your CAMP (if you don’t already have it unlocked, you can get it for free in the Atomic Shop under “CAMP -> Useful Stuff”).
  2. Use the Personal Terminal and select “Automatic Notifications” followed by “Suspicious Person” to download the coordinates.
  3. Travel to the quest marker’s location (it could be at various tourist spots across Appalachia).
  4. Interact with a corpse (either Ansel or Annie) and collect the following items: a holotape, a note titled “My Bucket List,” and a broken ProSnap Deluxe Camera.
  5. Head to a crafting workbench (you can find one at your CAMP, Rusty Pick, other players’ CAMPs, various train stations, Nuka World on Tour, or Whitespring)
  6. Repair the broken camera using the following materials:
  • 3 Adhesive
  • 5 Aluminum
  • 2 Glass
  • 5 Silver

Following the steps above will give you the ProSnap Deluxe Camera which you can use to complete challenges that require taking pictures. Here are a few videos to help you find a camera in Fallout 76:

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