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Where to Find/Farm Cranberries in Fallout 76?

Cranberries can be found in the following locations in Fallout 76: Aaronholt Homestead Cranberry Glade Creekside Sundew Grove Giant Teapot Helvetia Mac’s Farm Overgrown Sundew Grove Sparse Sundew Grove Sunrise Field Superior Sunset Farm Thomas Farm Veiled Sundew Grove The General’s Steakhouse The best place to harvest cranberries is Sunrise […]

Where are the locations for Uncommon Flora in Fallout 76 – Map

The map above provides the locations of uncommon flora (uncommon flowers) that is found throughout the wasteland. Here is a list of all of the uncommon flowers; Starlight Creeper Firecap Snaptail Tarberry Gourd vine Blight Cranberry Pitcher Bleach Dogwood Razor Grain Swamp Pod Mostly all of the uncommon flowers can […]

Where to find the Ingredients for Cranberry Relish – Map

Are you looking for the ingredients to make Cranberry Relish? Well in order to make Cranberry Relish you’ll need the following ingredients; cranberry, gourd, sugar and snaptail. If you click the map above it will give you a larger map to see where to find the ingredients. When you’re out […]