Where to Find/Farm Cranberries in Fallout 76?

Cranberry Farms

Cranberries can be found in the following locations in Fallout 76:

  • Aaronholt Homestead
  • Cranberry Glade
  • Creekside Sundew Grove
  • Giant Teapot
  • Helvetia
  • Mac’s Farm
  • Overgrown Sundew Grove
  • Sparse Sundew Grove
  • Sunrise Field
  • Superior Sunset Farm
  • Thomas Farm
  • Veiled Sundew Grove
  • The General’s Steakhouse

The best place to harvest cranberries is Sunrise Field, which has around 17 cranberry plants. However, you need to be a fairly high level to clear the mob spawn especially as a Mireluk Queen often spawns there. If you are at a lower level and haven’t reach the Cranberry Bog area you can go to Aaronholt Homestead that spawns around 10 cranberry plants in the Southern field. it’s just North East Of the Tyler Country Fairgrounds in The Forest.

Here are some tips for harvesting cranberries:

  • Use the Green Thumb perk to harvest double the amount of cranberries.
  • Use the Good with Salt perk to reduce the rate at which food items spoil.
  • Harvest cranberries during the day, when they are more visible.
  • Be careful of enemies that may be nearby, such as Mirelurks and Yao Guai.
  • If you are having trouble finding cranberries, try using a map of Fallout 76 that shows the locations of cranberry plants.

Here are a few videos that will help you locate places to farm cranberries in Fallout 76:

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