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Where to find Phantom Device Ingredients Fallout 76 – Map

If you’re looking for the ingredients for the “Phantom Device” then the map above will help you locate where to find them. In-order to make a phantom device you’ll need; a Stealthboy & a hallucigen canister. if you click the map above and zoom into some of the locations you’ll […]

Where to find the Ingredients for Cranberry Relish – Map

Are you looking for the ingredients to make Cranberry Relish? Well in order to make Cranberry Relish you’ll need the following ingredients; cranberry, gourd, sugar and snaptail. If you click the map above it will give you a larger map to see where to find the ingredients. When you’re out […]

Where are the Mire Treasure Map Locations – 5 Maps

If you’re trying to complete some challenges to earn Atoms in Fallout 76 then you’re probably wondering where the treasure map locations are for the Mire. Well after do a few Google searches I’ve found a site that has the following Mire Map locations: The Mire Treasure Map #1 – […]

Fallout 76 Map of Unknown Locations

unknown locations

If you’re looking for some rare locations that are throughout the Fallout 76 wasteland then you might want to click the image above. These unknown locations are great for building your C.A.M.P. on them or near them so others can see them as they visit your C.A.M.P. The unknown locations […]