Fallout 76 – How to earn / Where to get Legendary Cores

Legendary Cores

Are you wondering how you can earn legendary cores in Fallout 76? There are public events you can complete to earn legendary cores! The purpose of the legendary cores are used to add legendary effects onto non-legendary weapons, armor and power armor at the appropriate crafting workbench. Legendary cores can be earned by completing public events, seasonal events, Daily Ops and from scoreboard rewards.

  • Event: A Colossal Problem
  • Event: Campfire Tales
  • Event: Decryption
  • Event: Distinguished Guests
  • Event: Encryptid
  • Event: Fasnacht Day
  • Event: Feed the People
  • Event: Free Range
  • Event: Grahm’s Meat Cook
  • Event: Guided Meditation
  • Event: Heart of the Swamp
  • Event: Jail Break
  • Event: Line in the Sand
  • Event: Lode Baring
  • Event: One Violent Night
  • Event: The Path to Enlightenment
  • Event: Project Paradise
  • Event: Radiation Rumble
  • Event: Scorched Earth
  • Event: Swarm of Suitors
  • Event: Tea Time
  • Event: Test Your Metal
  • Event: Uplink
  • Event: Uranium Fever

The best events to get the most legendary cores are;

  • 8 – A Colossal Problem
  • 8 – Free Range (3 brahmin remain alive)
  • 8 – Encryptid
  • 8 – Project Paradise (3 creatures remain alive With or without ARIC-4 shutdown)
  • 5 – Scorched Earth