Where to find a Mini Nuke in Fallout 76?

Mini Nukes

So you’re looking for a Mini Nuke in Fallout 76? Did you know that Mini Nukes in Fallout 76 are rare and can’t be reliably found everywhere. Here are few locations to consider checking out if you’re looking to farm them.

Note that these locations have a chance to contain a Mini Nuke, but there’s no guarantee and other players might have grabbed them already:

  • Watoga Transit Hub – Locked Level 3 Door: This door is located behind the Protectron vendor bot.
  • Fort Defiance – Top Floor Weapon Closet: This location might have a Mini Nuke on a shelf.
  • Above Ground Bunker by Scorch Queen: This bunker, accessible during the Scorched Earth event, might have a Mini Nuke.
  • BOS Lookout Barricades: Occasionally, a Mini Nuke can be found sitting on one of these lookout points.

Alternative Ways to Get Mini Nukes:

  • Crafting: This might be a more reliable method. You can craft Mini Nukes at a Tinkering Workbench if you have the plans and sufficient materials.
  • Player Vending: Check player vendors at their CAMPs. Some players might sell Mini Nukes if they have extras.
  • Enemy Drops: Very rarely, some high-level enemies like Super Mutants might carry Mini Nukes as loot.

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