List of the Latest Holiday Scorched Plans for 2023 – Fallout 76


The Holiday Scorched are just arriving in Appalachia, bringing a whole sleigh full of new plans to unwrap! Here’s a rundown of the latest Holiday Scorched Plans to your festive crafting repertoire:

New Plastiform Camp Decoration Plans:

  • Plan: Plastiform Candle: A cheery candle to illuminate your holiday hearth.
  • Plan: Plastiform Gingerbread Man: A sweet treat for your post-apocalyptic gingerbread house.
  • Plan: Plastiform Nutcracker: A festive soldier to guard your festive cheer.
  • Plan: Plastiform Santa: A jolly ol’ Saint Nick for your wasteland winter wonderland.
  • Plan: Plastiform Santa Sleigh: Complete the picture with Santa’s trusty sleigh.

New Starlight Straw Decor Plans:

  • Plan: Star Light: A twinkling star to add some celestial sparkle.
  • Plan: Straw Goat: A traditional Yule Goat to bring good fortune to your camp.

New Honeycomb Paper Decorations:

  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Holiday Tree A & B: Two charming honeycomb paper Christmas trees, each with its unique flair.
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Ribbon Bell: A delicate bell to add a touch of jingle.
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Standing Santa: A jolly paper Santa for your mantlepiece.
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Icy Snowflake: A frosty snowflake to capture the wintery mood.
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Jolly Target: A playful target for your festive sharpshooting.
  • Plan: Honeycomb Paper – Snowman: A cheerful snowman to melt your wasteland woes away.

If you’re looking for the route to take to farm the Holiday Scorched then check out this post to see the best locations. If you want Free Holiday Gifts then you’ll want to remember to change your collectron to Santa so he can get gifts for you!