What is the Fallout 76 Atlantic City Mysterious Keypad Pass Code?

The Fallout 76 Atlantic City manager’s office mysterious keypad code is 68492. As seen in the video above once you’ve entered the correct mysterious key code, the screen turn green and removes you from the keypad BUT, nothing seems to happen. If you enter the wrong pass code for the mysterious key pad the screen will show up red and you can enter a different number again.

Here are the steps on how to use the mysterious keypad:

  1. Go to the Atlantic City Casino
  2. Enter the manager’s office.
  3. Find the keypad on the wall behind the desk.
  4. Enter the code 68492 into the keypad.
  5. You’ll then notice the screen on the keypad turn green.

If there is another mysterious key code that I come across then I’ll update the past with the correct one that opens something.