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List of Unique Random Encounter Event Plans – Fallout 76

Are you looking to collect some random encounter plans in Fallout 76 that you may not have? Well consider searching for the following events to find some rare plans. Searching for the random encounter events is a great thing to do when you’re done with the daily and weekly challenges. […]

Where to Find the Confederate Uniform Plan in Fallout 76?

If you’re trying to find all the rare plans in Fallout 76 then you’ll want to check out the video above! The video provides a great simple tutorial on where the Confederate Uniform Plan is located on the map. The confederate uniform plan is part of the random encounters you’ll […]

List of The Pitt Plans in Fallout 76

Below is a list of The Pitt Plans from Giuseppe a new vendor located at the Whitesprings Refuge. The numbers next to the plans indicate the amount of stamps it will cost to purchase these new plans. In order to earn stamps you’ll have to complete the daily Expedition. You’ll […]