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List of the Fallout 76 Mothman Equinox Plans for 2024

So you’re looking for the lastest plans for the 2024 Mothman Equinox Event in Fallout 76? Well the list below shows what you’ll probably get if you participate in the event: Plan: Chainsaw Skeptkill Paint Plan: Cultist Adept Hood Plan: Cultist Adept Robes Plan: Cultist Enlightened Hood Plan: Cultist Enlightened […]

List of Cultist High Priest / Mothman Equinox Items & Plans

Here is a list of the Mothman Equinox plans and clothing items. These items that are exclusive to the Mothman Equinox event. Plan: Wise Mothman Throne Plan: Cultist Backpack Cultist Enlightened Robe Cultist Enlightened Hood Cultist Adept Clothes Cultist Adept Helmet Cultist Neophyte Clothes Cultist Neophyte Helmet Cultist Incarnate Helmet […]