What to scrap and where to find/farm Black Titanium – Fallout 76

Are you looking for items to scrap for some Black Titanium scrap or ore? Below are several locations and items you can scrap to get black titanium.

Locations to where you can find black titanium scrap
Right wall in first chamber, and burning mine shafts, inside Belching Betty (14 black titanium vein)
Northwest of AMS Testing Site (10 rich black titanium vein)
Trench below boarding platform at Welch Station (9 rich black titanium vein)

Items to where you can find black titanium scrap
Deathclaws contain 3–6 black titanium scrap.
Mole miners contain 1 miner suit scrap. The following locations to where you can find Mole Miners.

  • South Cutthroat camp
  • Monongah power plant
  • Uncanny Caverns
  • Top of the World
  • Mount Blair
  • The Rusty Pick
  • Blackwater mine

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