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List of the Latest Fasnacht Masks in Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s Fasnacht is a seasonal event celebrating the burning of Old Man Winter and welcoming Spring. It takes place in the town of Helvetia and involves three key elements: Festive Robots: Cheerful Protectrons dressed in colorful outfits lead the celebration. Each year, they add new masks to their collection, […]

Where/How to use the Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in Fallout 76?

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets are a type of currency in Fallout 76 that can be used to purchase items from a bellhop in the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. The bellhop is only accessible after completing the Key to the Past quest. The items that can be purchased […]

Where to find the Rare Red Asylum Dress in Fallout 76?

The Red Asylum Dress is a rare outfit in Fallout 76 that can be found in a few different locations. The most common way to get it is to server hop the following locations: The Asylum in the Cranberry Bog region (Fort Defiance) The Overseer’s House The dress has a […]

Locations where to find/farm Rubber in Fallout 76

So there is either a daily quest for rubber scrap items or you’re in the need for rubber scrap materials in Fallout 76. If you’re looking for rubber then you’ll want to consider searching for the following items: All-Star basketball Baby bottles Basketball Bonesaw Bulk rubber Coolant Deflated kickball Extinguisher […]

Guide of Locations on where to Find/Farm Steel in Fallout 76

Aside from scrapping weapons and armor for steel you’ll want to consider checking out these locations for steel items to scrap. Locations to farm for Steel scrap items: West Tek The Whitespring Resort Shops Camden Park Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Pleasant Valley Cabins Prison yard outside Eastern Regional Penitentiary The […]

Guide of Locations on where to Find/Farm Silver in Fallout 76

Are you looking for locations to find silver scrap and silver items? There are several items and locations to find silver below you’ll see a list of them. Silver scrap items: Assaultron circuit board Enhanced targeting card Fancy hairbrush Flute Gold table spoon Metal beer stein Scrap Assaultron head Silver […]

Where to find a Thirst Zapper plans, mods & more in Fallout 76

So you’ve seen people running around with the water gun weapon and you were wondering where they bought it or got the plan for it? Well look no further you can actually purchase the Thirst Zapper from the Prize Terminal at Nuka Cade it’s under the Level 3 prize (6000 […]

Where to Find Chainsaws in The Pitt – Fallout 76

The video above provides you the locations to find the chainsaws that spawn in The Pitt. What’s great about these chainsaws is that you can take them to a weapons bench and create legendary versions if you have the right materials. If you’re looking for various locations throughout the wasteland […]

Where to find/farm Lead in Fallout 76

If you’re looking for junk to scrap for lead then you’ll want to start searching for the following items. These items can be broken down to individual components with one of them being lead. Lead is primarily used for making ammo at a tinker’s workbench. So the more lead you […]