Where are the Steel Ingots Locations in The Pitt – Fallout 76

The Pitt

So you’re looking for the spawning locations of the steel ingots outside of The Pitt in Fallout 76. Well look no further…! The links below provide what the surrounding areas of the Steel Ingots look like when you’re trying to hunt them down.

  • Under the utility cart – Image
  • In the corner by the generator – Image
  • On top of the shipping container – Image
  • On the shelf of the utility cabinet – Image
  • At the end of an interior walkway – Image
  • Inside one of the buses towards the back – Image
  • By the sparking generator / power box – Image
  • In the back of the empty tractor trailer – Image
  • On top of the fence by the awning – Image
  • On the bottom shelf of the dept store with the gun traps – Image
  • On top of the awning near one of the buses – Image
  • Inside the cafe on the shelf towards the back – Image
  • Right next to Hex on the wooden box – Image
  • Here’s a link to the whole collection – Image

If you’re looking for some walk-thru videos to help you find the locations of the steel ingots then consider checking out the provided videos:

  • Fallout 76 | Union Dues Steel Ingots Locations Outside The Pitt – Video
  • Fallout 76 | All Spawn Locations for Steel Ingots, Union Supply Crates and Safes: The Pitt – Video
  • Fallout 76 | Recipes, Collars, Steel Ingots, and Bugs Oh My? – Videos
  • Fallout 76 | Expedition Union Dues Steel Ingot Locations *FAST AND EASY!* – Video