Where is the Watoga Underground in Fallout 76?


The Watoga Underground in Fallout 76 is a location situated beneath the city of Watoga in the Cranberry Bog region. To access the Watoga Underground, you’ll need to travel to Watoga, which is a large city known for its robotic population and advanced technology.

Once you’re in Watoga, follow these steps to reach the Watoga Underground:

  • Find the Watoga Civic Center: The Watoga Civic Center is a prominent building in the city. It’s a large structure with a distinctive dome roof.
  • Locate the Entrance: Near the Watoga Civic Center, you’ll find an entrance to the Watoga Underground. Look for a door or an access point that leads underground. The entrance may be marked with signs or have a stairway leading down.
  • Explore the Underground: Once inside, you’ll find yourself in the Watoga Underground. This area consists of interconnected tunnels, utility passages, and storage areas. Be prepared to encounter hostile robots and other dangers as you explore the underground passages.
  • Complete Quests and Objectives: The Watoga Underground is not just a random area but is tied to quests and events in Fallout 76. You may encounter quests, objectives, or events that require you to explore and interact with elements within the Watoga Underground.

Keep in mind that the Watoga Underground is a complex area with multiple levels and interconnected pathways. It’s recommended to bring appropriate gear, weapons, and supplies when venturing into this underground environment.