Where to Find a Box Shooting Targets in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, some of the Box Shooting Targets aren’t guaranteed spawns and cannot be found through looting containers or enemies. However, there are two locations where they are commonly found:

  • Blackwater Mine: Inside the buildings outside of the mine you’ll see a set of lockers and on the bench in-front of the lockers there with be a Box Shooting Targets.
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort: Inside a trailer near a house on a cliff below the main resort building, you might find a Box Shooting Targets.
  • Camp McClintock: When you’re there find the shooting range and look around the area for Box Shooting Targets.

When you find the Box Shooting Targets at these locations you can save them for future daily quests. Here are a few videos that show where you can find a guaranteed spawn of Box Shooting Targets:

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