Where to find/farm Beaver Locations in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, beavers are small critters that you can hunt and collect for crafting materials, specifically Beaver Teeth. These materials are used in various crafting recipes. Beavers can typically be found near water bodies and wetlands. Here are some general locations where you can find and potentially farm beavers:

  1. Toxic Valley Region:
    • Grafton: Beavers can often be found near the river and waterways in and around Grafton in the Toxic Valley region.
  2. The Mire Region:
    • Dyer Chemical: This location in the Mire region is known to have beavers near its water sources.
  3. Cranberry Bog Region:
    • Watoga: The Cranberry Bog region, including the area around Watoga, may have beavers near its rivers and streams.
  4. Random Encounters:
    • Beavers can also appear in random encounters as you explore the wasteland. Keep an eye out for them near water bodies and wetlands.

When hunting beavers, it’s helpful to have a ranged weapon to take them down from a distance, as they tend to flee when you get too close. Beaver Teeth are used in crafting various items, so collecting them can be useful for crafting and upgrading gear in Fallout 76.