Where to Find/Farm Robots in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, you can find different robots in various locations throughout the wasteland. Here are some common locations where you can find robots:

  • RobCo Research Center: This location is found in the Forest region, and it’s a good place to find different types of robots, including Protectrons and Mr. Handies.
  • Watoga: This is a city in the Cranberry Bog region that is populated by robots, particularly Protectrons, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots.
  • Whitespring Resort: Located in the Forest region, this area has a variety of robots serving as staff, including Mister Handies and Protectrons.
  • Robotic enemies during events: Some events in the game, such as “AWOL Armaments” or “Line in the Sand,” feature waves of robotic enemies that you can fight.
  • Nuclear Silos: When launching a nuke, you’ll encounter high-level robots like Assaultrons and Sentry Bots in the affected area.
  • Random Encounters: While exploring the map, you may come across random encounters with robots, such as Protectrons patrolling roads or abandoned buildings.
  • Quests: Certain quests in the game involve dealing with robots, so you’ll encounter them as part of the quest progression.

Remember that the specific types of robots and their levels can vary based on the location and your character’s level. Additionally, events and quests may introduce unique robot enemies or variants.

Here are a few videos that can show where some Robots spawn:

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