Where to farm/find Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76?

mothman eggs

Mothman eggs in Fallout 76 can be found in specific locations where Mothman creatures are present. Mothman eggs are valuable resources used in crafting certain items and recipes. Here are some places where you can find Mothman eggs in Fallout 76:

  • Mothman Museum: The Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant is a prime location to find Mothman eggs. The museum itself is dedicated to the Mothman mythos and often has Mothman creatures and their eggs nearby.
  • Mothman Cultist Camps: Explore Mothman Cultist camps scattered throughout the game world. These camps are inhabited by cultists who worship the Mothman, and you can often find Mothman eggs in or around their dwellings.
  • Converted Munitions Factory: Occasionally, Mothman eggs can spawn at the Converted Munitions Factory workshop location. Claiming and defending this workshop may yield Mothman eggs as part of the resource rewards.
  • Random Encounters: Keep an eye out for random encounters involving Mothman or Mothman-related events. These encounters can sometimes lead to finding Mothman eggs in the vicinity.
  • Player Vending Machines: Players who have acquired Mothman eggs may sell them in their player vending machines. Visit player camps or check player vendors to see if Mothman eggs are available for purchase.
  • Mothman Sightings: During Mothman sightings or events related to the Mothman, there is a chance to find Mothman eggs in the area where the event takes place. These events may occur randomly or as part of specific quests or world events.
  • Mothman Egg Piles: Look for Mothman egg piles in areas where Mothman creatures nest or spawn. These egg piles are visually distinct and indicate the presence of Mothman eggs that can be harvested.

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