Where to find/farm Super Mutant Hound Locations in Fallout 76?

Super Mutant Hounds are mutated dogs that are often found accompanying Super Mutants in Fallout 76. They can be encountered in several locations across the wasteland. Here are some general areas where you can find and potentially farm Super Mutant Hounds:

  1. Savage Divide Region:
    • Top of the World: This area, including the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, can have Super Mutant Hounds accompanying Super Mutants.
  2. The Mire Region:
    • Dyer Chemical: Super Mutant Hounds can sometimes be found around this location in the Mire.
  3. Cranberry Bog Region:
    • Watoga: The city of Watoga and its surrounding areas can have Super Mutant Hounds in the company of Super Mutants.
  4. KMAX Transmission: This location in the Ash Heap region may have Super Mutant Hounds along with Super Mutants.
  5. Sons of Dane Compound: Found in the Savage Divide region, this location can sometimes have Super Mutant Hounds guarding the compound.
  6. West Tek Research Center: In the Savage Divide, Super Mutant Hounds can be found alongside Super Mutants at this facility.
  7. Random Encounters: Super Mutant Hounds can also appear in random encounters as you explore the wasteland. Keep an eye out for them during your travels.

Super Mutant Hounds are typically less dangerous than their Super Mutant counterparts, but they can still pose a threat. When farming Super Mutant Hounds, be prepared for combat and consider using ranged weapons to take them out from a safe distance if possible.