Where to Find the T-65 Power Armor Plans in Fallout 76?

T-65 Power Armor

The T-65 Power Armor plans in Fallout 76 are acquired through gold bullion, a special currency earned through completing endgame quests and activities. There are two main vendors who sell them:

  1. Regs: This vendor is located inside Vault 79. You’ll need to complete the main storyline quests “All That Glitters” or “The Secrets Revealed” to gain access to Vault 79. Once inside, find Regs and you can purchase the individual plans for each T-65 part and the mods using gold bullion. The total cost for all the plans is around 6,900 gold bullion.

  2. Minerva: This is a traveling vendor who appears at random locations every weekend. Her inventory rotates, but there’s a chance she might sell the T-65 Power Armor plans at a discounted price compared to Regs. The downside is that her location changes and you’ll need to find her each weekend to see if she has them.

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