Build your own Free Fallout 1st Survival Tent

FO76 Tent

Instead of purchasing the Fallout 1st for the Survival Tent why not consider creating a free version of the Survival Tent? The video tutorials below provide tips on how to create your own version:

  • Fallout 76 – How To Make A FREE Survival Tent – Video
  • Fallout 76 – Teeny Tiny Mire CAMP – Video
  • Fallout 76 – Teeny Tiny Home – Video
  • Fallout 76 – Tiny Log Cabin CAMP – Video
  • Fallout 76 – Tiny Pavilion Camp Build – Video

This is a great way to include what you want in a Survival Tent instead of just the tinker bench. You can even add a cash register vending machine (to reduce space) if you wanted to supply people with some items you have for sale.