Where to Find a Shovel in Fallout 76?

Shovel Location

Finding a shovel in Fallout 76 can be handy for various reasons, especially for the “Buried With Honor” daily quest. Here are a couple of ways to get your hands on one:

  • Philippi Battle Cemetery (Guaranteed Spawn): This is the most reliable location for a shovel, particularly if you’re doing the “Buried With Honor” quest. The shovel will actually spawn specifically for this quest behind a tree to the right of the grave you need to dig.
  • Surrounding Areas of Philippi Cemetery: If the shovel at the cemetery is too high level or you’re not on the quest, there’s another option nearby. Head to Flatwoods, which is south of Philippi Cemetery. There’s a chance to find a shovel here, though it might not be as consistent.
  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park: Look for shovels in the maintenance areas, tool sheds, or near construction equipment within the water park.
  • Mount Blair Trainyard: Explore the trainyard and check the toolboxes and storage areas. Shovels can sometimes spawn in industrial or construction-related locations.
  • Aaronholt Homestead: Look around the farmstead and in the nearby sheds and barns. Shovels can often be found in farming-related locations.

Here are a few videos that will help you find shovel locations in Fallout 76:

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