Where to find Super Mutant Behemoth in Fallout 76?

Super Mutatn

Super Mutant Behemoths are large, powerful creatures that can be found in a few locations in Fallout 76. Here are some of the best spots:

  • Solomon’s Lower Pond: This location is located in the Savage Divide, southwest of Solomon’s Pond and southeast of the Vantage. There is a guaranteed spawn of a Super Mutant Behemoth here.
  • Abandoned Bog Town: This location is located in the Cranberry Bog, near Pylon V-13. There is a chance of a Super Mutant Behemoth spawning here.
  • The Whitespring Resort: There is a random encounter that can spawn at the Whitespring Resort where a Super Mutant Behemoth attacks the resort.
  • Primal Cuts: This event is a public event that can be triggered in the Cranberry Bog. The final boss of this event is a Prime Behemoth, a stronger variant of the Super Mutant Behemoth.

These are just a few of the places where you can find Super Mutant Behemoths in Fallout 76. Be careful when fighting these creatures, as they are very powerful.

Here are some additional tips for fighting Super Mutant Behemoths:

  • Use high-damage weapons. Super Mutant Behemoths have a lot of health, so you will need to use high-damage weapons to kill them quickly.
  • Use VATS. VATS can help you target the Behemoth’s weak points, such as its head and torso.
  • Fight in groups. If you are fighting a Behemoth in a group, you will be able to take it down more quickly.
  • Be patient. Behemoths are not easy to kill, so be patient and don’t get discouraged.

Here are a few videos that show the locations of the Super Mutant Behemoth:

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