Where to Find Hot Dogs Locations in Fallout 76?

Hot Dogs

In Fallout 76, you’ll need to search for hot dogs to complete the Possum: Backpacker badge challenge. There are several locations, but here are some great spots with a high chance of finding them:

  • Morgantown Airport: Head inside the terminal building and look for the BBQ near the event with the cargo bot. This spot can have up to 5 hot dogs.

  • The Gorge Junkyard: Travel to the northern part of the workshop and find the house. Check the back porch for a grill that often spawns 3 hot dogs.

  • White Powder Winter Sports – Snack Bar: This location holds a special kind of hot dog due to the challenge, but it might not always be there. It’s worth checking out since these are specifically mentioned in the badge requirements.

Here are a few videos that will help you find the hot dog locations in Fallout 76:

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