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How to make your CAMP visible to Everyone in Fallout 76?

To make your CAMP visible to everyone in Fallout 76, follow these steps: Open the map. Click on your CAMP icon. A menu will pop up. Select “Public Map Icon” and set it to “On”. Your CAMP icon will now be visible to everyone on the server. Here are some […]

Tutorial on How to Build a Floating CAMP in Fallout 76

The above video provides a detailed tutorial on how to build a floating CAMP in Fallout 76. When building a floating CAMP the one thing you’ll want to consider is the location. Here are several other tutorials on how to locate and build a CAMP in the sky. Fallout 76 […]

How to Build a Deadly Trap CAMP in Fallout 76

Are you tied of getting your stuff taken when you visit a trap CAMP in Fallout 76? Well how about following one of the tutorials provided and create your own version of trap CAMP! The following tutorial provide good tips, tricks and insight on how to get started: Easy TRAP […]

How to Stack your Survival Tent in Fallout 76

Above you’ll see a video tutorial on how to stack your Fallout 1st Survival Tent like how you see them in the air in some of the events. Stacking Tents is a great way to stay out of harms way during events. If you really want to add excitement to […]

Build your own Free Fallout 1st Survival Tent

Instead of purchasing the Fallout 1st for the Survival Tent why not consider creating a free version of the Survival Tent? The video tutorials below provide tips on how to create your own version: Fallout 76 – How To Make A FREE Survival Tent – Video Fallout 76 – Teeny […]

Fallout 76 – Halloween Haunted House CAMP Builds

Time to break out the Halloween decorations and haunt up your CAMP! If you’re looking for some haunted house CAMP ideas then you’ll want to check out the following videos. Immersive Haunted House Spooky Halloween Base Fallout 76 CAMP Build Tutorial – Video Fallout 76 Updated Haunted House – Video […]

Creative Fallout 76 CAMP Tips, Tricks & Ideas

If you’re looking for some CAMP ideas in Fallout 76 then consider some of the following: Gas Station – Link Haunted House Diner / Restaurant Apartment Abandoned Building – Link UFO/Flying Saucer – Link Each CAMP can be created with numerous scrap resources found throughout the wasteland. Here are a […]

How to place a Fallout 1st survival tent in Fallout 76

The video above shows you how to set up and place your survival tent in Fallout 76. Here’s a video on how to place a “free” survival tent. There are a few survival tent skins that you can implement onto your survival tent to spice it up a bit. These […]

How do I place down a CAMP in Fallout 76

The video above shows you how to set up a CAMP as a new player in Fallout 76. There are some easy locations throughout the map that are flat and easy to set-up. Each spot you decide to place your CAMP should benefit you or your visitors in someway (resources, […]