Where to find/farm Cultist High Priests in Fallout 76

Mothman Event
The Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event added Cultist High Priests which allows you to locate the Cultist High Priest Robes and Hood by defeating Cultist High Priests around Appalachia. These enemies appear randomly throughout the world.

Here are a few links that will help you with spawning/farming locations:

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  • Location: Morgantown Airport Area
  • Location: Camden Park
  • Location: Whitesprings Golf Club
  • Location: Monongah
  • Location: Lewisburg
  • Location: Fort Defiance
  • Location: Tyler County Fairgrounds
  • Location: Wavy Willard’s
  • Location: Summerville Docks
  • Location: Poseidon Energy Plant

Remember when searching for the Cultist High Priests they’re not like the previous event add-ons (ex. Spooky Scorched,Treasure Hunters) these guys are harder to kill and they tend to highlight the surrounding enemies they are near. If you find a location that has more than one spawning you can server hop and potentially get more spawning at that location.

Main thing to remember is where the spawn locations were for the “Spooky Scorched“… use that as a guide to find the Cultist High Priests and you’ll find them randomly spawning.