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Where to find cigars, cigarettes and lighters in Fallout 76?

Cigars, cigarettes, and lighters can be found in a variety of locations in Fallout 76. Here are some of the best places to look: Vendors: Some vendors, such as Smiley at Watoga Station, sell cigars, cigarettes, and lighters. Ashtrays: Ashtrays often contain cigars, cigarettes, and lighters. You can find ashtrays […]

Where to find/farm Asbestos in Fallout 76

Looking to farm locations and items for some asbestos in Fallout 76? These items below are what you’ll want to look for to scrap in order to get raw asbestos. Biometric scanner Catch the Commie board game Chalk Cigarette carton Coffee pot Extinguisher Luxobrew coffee pot Oven mitt Pack of […]