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Fallout 4 Mega Merge Series 2 Action Figures – Nick Valentine

Looking to collect some Fallout 4 figurines like the ones shown above? The character shown above is Nick Valentine from Fallout 4. Below are the other individually numbered Fallout 4 figures to numbered from 5 through 11. T-45 Hot Rod Shark Power Armor #5 – Get This T-51 Vault Tec […]

Fallout Pip Boy Ceramic Mug – Fallout Collectors Edition

Fallout Mug

Here is a great Fallout Collectors Edition coffee mug that has a capacity of 48 oz. This ceramic molded mug features Fallout Pip Boy with the unique design that looks unique and stylish. The Fallout mug shown measures 6 x 4.25 inches diameter, holds 48 ounces of your favorite beverage […]

Fallout Better Criticals Perk Pin – Fallout Gifts

Looking for an affordable gift for that Fallout games series fan that you know? Then check out this Fallout Video Game Series Collectible the “Criticals Perk Pin” like the one shown above. Each Fallout perk is featured with Vault-Tec’s iconic mascot and symbol, Vault Boy! No matter the perk, Vault […]