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Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Construction Kit

The Wand Company’s Pip-Boy construction kit is a beautifully designed, highly detailed and fully accurate replica of the Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI. Presented in an authentically vintage display case, the kit has been designed to mimic the look and feel of the kits that Vault-Tec may have supplied […]

Fallout Neon/LED Gaming Decor Sign

The above Fallout neon light has real acrylic backplane instead of plastic backboard. This light up sign is consist of ice blue and lemon yellow. How beautiful the color it is! And it can make your home brightly and artistically. Are you still looking for a special gift? Don’t hesitate!As […]

Fallout Vault-Tec Gaming Chair/Office Chair

This Fallout themed embroidery on both the front and back of the chair featuring Vault Boy and the Vault-Tec Logo, along with the ‘Prepare for the Future’ tagline from the series. Premium Vault-Tec blue & yellow PU leather upholstery with contrasting white stitching accents. Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support with Intricate […]

Fallout Vault 76 Car Air Freshener

Your car will smell fresh and look cool with this video game air freshener from Just Funky! This air freshener depicts a patriotic Vault Boy and Vault 76 graphics from the post-apocalyptic series Fallout! Features a sweet Vanilla scent! Comes with string for hanging. Officially licensed. Head on over to […]

Power Armor Station Collectible Model – Fallout 76

Looking to add more collectibles to your Fallout 76 collection? The power armor station shown above is the perfect addition to any Fallout 76 fans collection. The iconic power armor station stands an impressive 27.5″ tall, and it is carefully-replicated with a heavily-weathered paint application, moveable overhead bars, chain and […]

Feral Ghoul Figurine Model Collection – Fallout 76

Looking for an incredible Fallout 76 collectible? Then check out this super detailed feral ghoul figurine like the one shown above. The fearsome Feral Ghoul Fallout Figurine joins the Fallout Collection of 1:16 figurines! Ghouls, humans afflicted with a hideous mutation thanks to extreme radioactive exposure, are known and feared […]

Fallout 76 – Glowing Blood Pack & Irradiated Blood Pack Drinks

Looking for some creative party favors that could be related to Fallout 76? The IV packs shown above are great party favors. Comes empty with 10 blood bags per set, it has a straw, convenient for both funneling drinks and drinking, made with anti-leak design for worry-free revelry. A funnel […]

Fallout Holographic Chess Set – Fallout Fan Gifts

The Fallout chess set shown above are modeled after characters from the game. This is the perfect gift for a chess player and a Fallout game fan. 16 Green Hero Pieces:    – Lone Wanderer (King)    – Dogmeat (Queen)    – Mr. Handy (Rooks)    – BOS Scribes (Bishops) […]